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Donnita Fowler



ABOUT the author

Donnita Fowler’s life is an amazing story of survival. As a widowed mom of five at age 27 who survived many struggles, challenges and faced with grief and loss early in life, Donnita turned to her faith, family and friends to overcome obstacles and transformed her pain into perseverance.

Despite her obstacles, Donnita Fowler is a loving Christian, daughter, sister and community advocate. She married her Boaz thirteen years later and is the proud mother of six biological children and two bonus children. She is also an author, works in commercial property management and she proudly founded and serves as CEO/President of the nonprofit organization Live 2 Give, Inc., which provides resources to underserved families, seniors and the homeless community in the Greater Metropolitan area of D.C.

As a young believer in Christ, Donnita turned to journaling and writing to assist her in her difficult life as a young widow. This introduction to writing has led to writing her memoir, Survivor: My Journey From Tragedy to Blessing. Donnita published “I Survived: A Guided 31 Day Prayer Journal to Unlock’s God’s Promises Through Intentional Prayers” in early 2021. The Adventures of Ponytail Noelle: Ponytail Noelle Joins the Choir is the first of her children’s book
series. She hopes to spread love, joy and fun with families through her enriching stories.

Donnita grew up in Southeast, Washington, D.C. and graduated as a high school honor student. Donnita now sees her purpose in life is to inspire others to evolve by learning how to “Just Say No to Giving Up!” Donnita hopes that her readers will utilize the power of prayer to help them find their peace and own it.

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About The Books

About the BOOKS

Take a look inside...

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Life is filled with Challenges; Unexpected events will occur, suffering, sickness, and painful, ugly, frustrating events are going to take place. There is no way around getting your feelings hurt, your ego bruised, your trust weighed, and your heart broken.


This guided journal is intended to help you push through your pain and into God’s promises for your life through His work with intentional and specific prayers. In this journal are thirty-one hand-picked, comforting bible verses and inspiring quotes along with sample self-help prayers. I personally wrote each one to inspire you to get in position to receive life-changing blessings.


When Donnita's high school sweetheart swept her off her feet, Donnita Fowler didn’t know that she was about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. What promised to be a heavenly romance quickly plummeted into a valley of despair when he was killed in a care accident just one week after their blissful wedding day. With the help of her family, she raised five children as a single parent enduring many obstacles.


Following a long season of soul searching. Donnita discovered the essence of who God created her to be – a survivor of life’s greatest tragedies, an overcomer of the agony of grief, and a warrior of prayer, patience, and perseverance.


Ponytail Noelle is a bright, fun-loving, and curious little girl. She enjoys exploring life and each day is a new adventure. Follow her daily adventures that focus on faith, family, and fun.


Ponytail Noelle loves to sing. She loves singing to her dolls and even in the car. But what about singing in the choir? Join Noelle as she discovers her gift and how she can use it to overcome her fear.

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